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Soap Opera Slaughter

Author: Murder Mystery Games  Date: 02 July 2021

Do you love your soaps? If you love Coronation Street, Neighbours, Bay Watch, 90210, The OC, Dallas or Dynasty then you will love joining the film set of a TV soap that will ultimately lead to murder.


The game is fantastic and I am really excited to play it. Thank you for all hard work and efforts in bringing my concept to life!

Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did with this game. Everybody absolutely loved it and was engaged the entire time!

---Fatima Akil---

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Download - Dinner Edition
Soap Opera Slaughter 4 to 8 Players
Download - Premium Edition
Soap Opera Slaughter 2 to 15 People

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3 Steps to Murder Mystery fun!

1) Order a Gozone murder mystery game for your group size.

2) Host the party yourself DIY style or hire a professional murder mystery host.

3) Have a killer good time.

Setting: The film set for the final day of shooting for Devotions the world's most popular soap.

Story: It is the final day of shooting for the TV soap Devotions in its final season. Its long run has come to an end and this final scene will ensure that Devotions joins Dallas, Dynasty and the Bold and the Beautiful as history's best loved soaps. Devotions will live in infamy that is for sure as the last day of filming will lead to a truly murderous outcome.

Adult Themes: One of the characters has the name Dr Dick Throbbin.

Costumes: Come dressed in any TV stereotype e.g. suit, glamorous, ball dress, Alf, old person, jock, tough guy, doctor, beatnik, art critic etc.

How Do Costumes and Characters Work? To make the game as easy as possible to organise, your guests do not need to dress as any particular character. The costume they wear does not affect the character they play in the murder mystery. You allocate the murder mystery characters on the night of the party. This means that if guests are sick and can't make it or extra friends want to come then there is no impact on running the game.

Normal Use: This is only suitable for a 16+ or adult audience.

Group Size: 4 to 8, 2 to 15.

Like the sands through the hour glass, these are the days that make us dead!

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