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A Party To Murder

Author: Murder Mystery Games  Date: 10 May 2021

A lavish New Year’s Eve party is being held in the banqueting hall in Edinburgh Castle to welcome in 1933. The host of the party is Lord Frederick ‘Freddie’ Farquhar, the owner of The Farquhar Motor Company, the famous car manufacturer also known as Farquhar’s Cars.

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8 to 10 players

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A Seasonal Murder Mystery for 8 to 10 players set at a New Year’s Eve party, (Age 13+).

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The party will take place in the Grand Banqueting Hall and the New Year will be welcomed in by a Scottish piper followed by a lavish fireworks display lit by Lord Freddie himself.

Freddie Farquhar’s New Year’s Eve parties are renowned for their excesses of food and drink and quality entertainment. Come along and have a night to remember.

Joining you at Edinburgh Castle will be:
Lady Philippa Farquhar – Freddie’s wife
Tarquin Farquhar – Freddie’s son
Penelope Parker-Farquhar – Freddie’s daughter
Grant Bale – Freddie’s American lawyer
Felicity Flapper – Tarquin’s fiancée
Vice Admiral Monty Farquhar – Freddie’s cousin
Sheila Blige – Freddie’s secretary
Travers – The butler and midnight piper
Billie Bulldog – Rival car company owner
Mrs Wiggins – Housekeeper/ Cook

Playing the Game

A Party To Murder is for 8 to 10 players. The host is responsible for printing out and organising the documents for the game (Full instructions are provided). Games usually take two and a half to three hours and are designed to be played around a meal or a buffet.

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