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Murder at the Match

Author: Murder Mystery Games  Date: 12 May 2021

You are invited to a post match party in the boardroom of Malechester United Football Club. The party, hosted by Malechester United Football Club, will be held following the home league game against Malechester Rovers. The party marks the formal signing of Rudolfo “Rudi” Cornificato, the star Italian centre forward who has been on loan at the club for the last three months.

It is anticipated that Rudi, Arsenic Vendor (Manager) and Mickey Taker (Club Captain) will all be attending the party.

(Note. This game has formerly been on sale in the UK in boxed form)

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8 players

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For 8 players (Age 13+).


We have been notified by the club that, following negotiations carried out by our representative Rudolfo Cornificato, our own application to be main sponsor has been successful.

Your fellow guests will include:
Anna Cornificato – Rudi’s wife and international tennis star
Mustafa Club – rich Egyptian shop-owner who wants to buy the club
Lady Adeline ZMANN – owner and Chairwoman of the Club
Sheik Yurattle – rich oil sheik who wants the club for himself and his brothers
Delia Deepdelver – TV presenter making a documentary about the club
Arsenic Vendor – the French manager of the Club
Stella Studtightner – Club masseuse and physiotherapist
Mickey Taker – Club Captain and senior professional footballer

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Playing the Game

Murder at the Match is for 8 players. There are four female characters and four male characters. The host is responsible for printing out and organising the documents for the game (Full instructions are provided).

Games usually take two and a half to three hours and are designed to be played around a meal or a buffet.

All games come complete with full instructions, including –
Game Instructions
Costume Suggestions
Player Slips
Player Clues
Labels/Name tags

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