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Murder at the Top Speed

Author: Murder Mystery Games  Date: 12 May 2021

Good evening all you speed freaks and welcome back to the filming of a special episode of Top Speed, the top British Motoring TV show live from the Speedville Aerodrome Test Track.

You are invited to a great day of motor sport when the team from the Top Speed television programme will be hosting an attempt to break the world speed record for a production car. The presenters will be joined by the fastest celebrities in Superstars and Supercars from the last series of Top Speed and representatives from America and Italy, each bringing their own car.

Max Speed, presenter of Top Speed, will be hosting the event as well as attempting the world speed record driving a British Bulldog Bugle 8000.

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8 to 12 players

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The scene is set as a group of petrol heads, motor enthusiasts and celebrities get together at the Speedville Aerodrome Test Track for a thrilling attempt at the production car world speed record.

Joining Max at the party will be:
Aaron Fire – Top Speed presenter and ex-racing driver
Sue Barroo – Top Speed presenter and ex-rally driver
The Slug – Top Speed mystery test driver
Dee Cup – Model and celebrity driver
Hammond Ecks – TV chef and celebrity driver
Joy Ride – American driver
Martino Astoni – Italian driver
Lisa Carr – Top Speed producer
Kit Carr – Top Speed researcher
Arial Shott – Top Speed camera operator
Charlie Davidson – TV presenter and celebrity driver
Ella Vaprang – TV presenter and celebrity driver

Possible configurations for 9 player versions are – 4 male/5 female or 4 female/5 male

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Playing the Game

Murder at Top Speed is for 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 players. The actual game is sold in different versions for each number of characters and there are different versions for different mixes of male and female characters. The host is responsible for printing out and organising the documents for the game (Full instructions are provided).

Games usually take two and a half to three hours and are designed to be played around a meal or a buffet.

All games come complete with full instructions, including –
Game Instructions
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